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nasal cilia

When It’s Freezing Cold Outside, Drink Tea

By Current News

By Dr Murray Grossan

If you get wet, getting out of wet clothes is essential; it is very important not to get chilled. If your hands/feet are exposed to extreme weather changes, you can get frostbite in five minutes! Please don’t touch metal with bare hands – they can get attached to the metal and cause serious injury.

Just as important, when you come in from the cold and step into an elevator or a classroom, you are subject to illness because your nasal cilia are not doing their job.

In the normal nose, you have millions of tiny oars in your nose/sinuses the beat at a steady rate to move bacteria/viruses out of the nose. Similarly you have the same system in your bronchial passages. If the cilia are stunned and not moving from the cold, they fail. Then the bacteria that lands in your nose remains in place.

Preventing Illness in Cold Weather

One method is to seek an area where there are few persons present when you enter the building. Wave your arms around and jump up and down to get your circulation moving. Once your physical nose has warmed up, then you can enter the elevator or classroom with good defense, because your cilia are moving bacteria/virus out of the nose.
Another method is to carry a hot thermos of green tea. Before you enter the elevator, drink the hot tea.

Raise Your Immunity

When you drink liquids, you have a means of diluting bacteria. When you fail to drink enough liquids, the nasal and chest mucus is too thick to move the bacteria/virus out of the nose/chest. Green tea is one of the best products for improving cilia function, as is hot chicken soup.

Yogurt and Probiotics are known to improve immunity. Similar products are Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Dark Miso and Kefir. The sauerkraut should be unpasteurized or raw.

Sleep and Dream

Your immunity is better when you get good sleep. Make a strict ritual of your sleep: Wash face, brush teeth, comb hair, count breathing, dark room, etc. The more fixed steps, the better. Going to bed with this ritual at the same time each night sets your sleep clock for better sleep. Even when you change time zones, doing the same ritual will engage your sleep clock.

Avoid Reflux

If you eat a full meal and try to sleep, you will get acid stomach and possibly acid reflux. Avoid eating three hours before sleep. Similarly, wind down before sleep.

Sleep Aids

It can be a dull TV show, a water fountain, either a real one or a recording. Various sounds help various persons – birds, musicals, etc.

When the Cilia Fail

The cilia may fail following extreme cold. You notice yellow green discharge. You can use pulse wave saline irrigation to restore cilia action. The Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Irrigator is designed to pulse at a rate for restoring good nasal cilia. Usually, restoring the nasal cilia helps to restore the chest cilia as well. (Coughing takes over when the chest cilia fail.)

The Whole Person approach

By Current News

By Dr Murray Grossan

Because we focus on the whole person, every effort is made to treat with remedies rather than drugs. For example, for many sinus problems, we restore nasal cilia function rather than start with heavy antibiotics. When the nasal/sinus cilia move normally, they move bacteria out of the nose and sinuses.

This means lots of green tea, chicken soup and simple sinus irrigation that pulses in harmony to good cilia movement.

It is always important to understand the whole person. Even a sore finger can cause extreme stress, with the pain amplified. Part of our whole person approach is to try to reduce any stress factors that might be affecting the symptoms. This is done by explaining to the patient with picture and diagrams his pain in the left cheek. Why he feels the pain in his tooth. Why he needs to avoid heavy chewing. Sometimes we might show him/her how to use special breathing methods that work to lower stress chemistry. There is no question that the more the patient understands their condition and has seen the pictures, the less the stress factor. Patients always feel better when they understand fully why they have their symptoms.

The Whole Person approach is best illustrated in the treatment of tinnitus – ringing in the ear. No single pill has been found to cure this problem; yet patients do profit significantly when the various components of the tinnitus circuits are attended to. Sometimes, this can be as simple at attending to a patient’s jaw joint! Miss A. R. complained of noise in the right ear. When she chewed, the examiner could hear the same noise! Correcting that joint was the cure.

Repeatedly we see the advantage of the whole person approach. Whether it was the pain in the ear that turned out to come from the jaw joint, or pain above the eye that turned out to be referred from the sore neck muscle, or the headaches caused because she needed reading glasses; the Whole Person approach is good medicine.